X-6.5 s4 / 16.5cm subwoofer

300 watt rms / svc 4 ohm (uitverkocht)

X-6.5 s4 / 16.5cm subwoofer
199.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
The X-6.5SW is our first true sub-woofer smaller than 8 inches in diameter. We spent many hours of design time, simulation time, and prototype testing to cram this much clean bass into a tiny 6.5” subwoofer with a mere 4” of mounting depth! This little titan features a voice coil identical in winding dimensions to our SA-8 v.3 subwoofer (a massive 2” diameter coil with a 1.4” winding height) so thermal power handling is absolutely massive.
In order to create the full package we tooled up a completely custom cast aluminum frame featuring a unique “spiral cut” venting technique in its base. This frame allows us 2” of peak-to-peak mechanical excursion capacity which is well beyond the 16mm one-way linear excursion (1.25” p-p) of the motor & coil design. This means the X-6.5SW is not designed NOT to bottom out even on the most demanding dynamic music passages making this subwoofer extremely clean up until the very limits of mechanical capacity.
Of course; it isn’t so simple when cramming this much excursion into such a small package. Our goals also required a fully custom tooled flat aluminum diaphragm. The advantage compared to a regular cone is that we can be sure the cone will not hit the spider up until the very highest levels of travel thus allowing more linear excursion before mechanically induced distortion sets in. The flat diaphragm meets up to a very large rubber surround which is, in turn, complimented by a custom tooled high-excursion spider pack with integrated tinsel leads.
All of this would have satisfied most anyone else but we took it one step further and included a copper shorting cap on the pole of the X-6.5SW. This cap reduces inductance induced distortion & actually allows this little monster to play up to ~200-500 Hz without an issues if your application calls for it. This is a truly premium 6.5” subwoofer.
These woofers are optimized for small PORTED enclosures of 0.25-0.33 ft^3 volume. They are not suggested for sealed enclosures or large enclosures of any kind. Please keep this in mind.
Features & Technology:
  • Xmax = 16mm one-way by 70% BL
  • RMS Power = 300-watts
  • * Note on Power Handling: This woofer is mechanically limited. It requires a SMALL ported enclosure. Placing it in a large enclosure will reduce mechanical power handling substantially.
  • Large noise-free pole vent design
  • Specially designed spiral-cut basket venting technique (unique to this model in our line)
  • 2” diameter 4-Layer CCAW wire voice coil wound on thick Kapton former
  • Copper Pole-Cap For Reduced Inductive Distortion
  • Integrated Tinsel Leads to prevent lead slapping
  • Proprietary flat aluminum diaphragm
X 6.5" S4
RE (ohms)
2.9 ohm
FS (Hz)
Vas (L)
1.657 ltr
Le (mH)

Mms (Grams)
Cms (uM/N)
Sens (1w/1m)