Rail cap BLX amps

extra Capaciteit pack voor stabiele input

Rail cap BLX amps
110.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
The Massive Audio “Rail CAP BLX” was designed for all Nano-Blu Series High Performance Amplifiers. With Massive Audio's "Direct Plug & Perform" technology this powerful 4 Farad Capacitor with back lit Massive logo simply plugs directly into a dedicated docking port found on the end cap of the Nano-Blu Series amplifier. The Rail CAP BLX is then automatically connected directly to the amplifiers internal power supply. When needed on demand (within milliseconds) the Rail CAP BLX will charge & discharge lighting fast power that will help stabilize the amplifiers power supply improve overall performance.
Capacitor designed for Massive Audio NANO BLU & NANO BLU MARINE Series amps
Plug and play design with custom-fit MOLEX connector
4 Farad design for fast discharge and recharge of power
Stabilizes power and improves performance for hard hitting installations
Soft blue LED Back lit Massive Audio logo
Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.1 x 2.9 inches
Weight: 1.6lbs