PX-US79 subwoofer

7x9 inch

PX-US79 subwoofer
199.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
EXCURSION PX-US79 Series Subwoofer Set,
the product of an uncompromising design and german engineering philosophy.
A product made from Car Audio fanacs who truely believe in the relentless pursuit of perfecon.
PLUG EXCURSION Subwoofer, sold as Underseat SET, are the universal acousc
hide away soluon but for all car models. This in compare to modern popular factory audio systems,
like BMW or Mercedes, which PX-US79 oponal very well upgrade on a very simple way.
With inverted terminals per side we asure a smart underseat installaon and next to already
included installaon hardware we recommend via our partner brand Hollywood ENERGETIC
new HVL (Velcro) for a flexible fixing to car floor.


3 ohm and 150 watt rms per unit .
subwoofer size 7 x 9 inch
L 290 x B 210 x H 72 mm