Dr Atrex earth 2.0 mm

5 sheets 50cm x 75 cm / 1,9m² per pack

Dr Atrex earth 2.0 mm
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Our updated range of vibration damping materials which no longer include any bitumen additives
to remove the unpleasant smell and giving extra flexibility and ease of installation as well as adding to tighter adhesion,
increasing the effectiveness of the materials. These products prevent corrosion of the surfaces,
protecting the car frame for the long term.

1 box of Iridium 2.0 mm (medium) = 5 sheets 75x50 cm each = 1,9 m²

Application areas
Firewall, floor and wheel arches

A three-layered material:
Self-adhesive glue layer for installation, protected with anti-adhesive paper
Our advanced formula composite butyl polymer
Aluminum foil