RL-la400.4 - 4 kanaals versterker klasse a/b

4x 65w - 4 ohm

129.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
The versatile Class A/B RL-LA400.4 will drive DD REDLINE Series Coaxials and components with warm, accurate sound.
For added versatility, we’ve included an RCA pass through for chaining to a second amplifier,
and the rear channels can be bridged to drive a subwoofer for a complete audio upgrade from a single amplifier!
When paired with a DD AUDIO SC2 or SC4 active line output converter,
the REDLINE LA Series amplifiers provide a seamless factory integrated amplification solution.
The REDLINE LA Series amplifiers utilize spade terminals for clean and secure connections
on both the power input and speaker outputs.

Operating Voltage: 9 - 16
Test Voltage: 14.4
Output Channel(s): 4
Continuous Wattage @4ohm: 4 x 65 / 2 x 180
Continuous Wattage @2ohm: 4 x 100
Dynamic Wattage: 800
Max Current Draw (Amps): 40
RCA Input Voltage Sensitivity: 6 - 0.25
RCA Input S/N: 85
THD: 0.1%
Bass Boost: Rear Ch 6-12dB @ 45Hz
Frequency Response (Hz): 20 - 20k
Low-Pass Filter: 50 - 250
ZVL Input: No
Pass Thru Output: Yes
Power Wire Gauge: Spade Terminal
Speaker Wire Gauge: Spade Terminal
Dimensions (Inches): 13 x 8.5 x 2
Dimensions (MM): 329 x 209 x 51